Winter is a gentle girl, she wiped the sun to the red, to the earth covered with white gauze, you see, that blue sky in the sun like a drunk face rose up from the tree after the emergence of the red. Its glory illuminated the earth, to bring a trace of warmth. The country road is covered with frost, and the rustling at the foot of the people.

  Wanzhuang Qingsong completely into the snowy snow. Near the houses, fences ... ... put on a soft, white and decent coat; trees branches, mix and match. Some long. Velvet, like a baby fat arm; some filled with large and small pompon, it seems that you shouted, they will "flutter rustled" roll down. The whole world is white, elegant, like a huge crystal, spectacular art treasures.

  After a few snow falling, the earth is a silver world. Mountains, rivers, fields, houses rising sun shine, almost equal to your eyes. Standing in the wilderness, Meng suck a few mouthfuls of cool silk, sweet Jinjin air, and then slowly spit out, you will feel the internal organs are fresh.

  Field covered with an expansive carpet, the tree, such as jade flowers bloom, the roof painted white paint, the road as moonlight spilled, the tree frost frost hanging, the sun came out, red wrapped, powder makeup jade puzzle, exceptionally enchanting.


  Winter, with the snow flying, marching light Yingying footsteps, gently came to earth. Tree children for the body of green clothes, the grass went to the body of the green robe, they are in the Cher's lullaby, sweet sleep.

  In the morning of winter, the sun jumped out of the mountains. Distant river, knotted ice Was a sun shine, like a crystal mirror crystal mirror. The fish in the river, still quietly swim in the river, from time to time kiss the ice on the water, they may be waiting for the spring!

  At noon in winter, the weather is cold, but the sun is so bright. Road next to the two rows of pine trees, then green, to this winter to add a bit of vitality.

  In the winter night, the sun gently briskly jumped and disappeared. Suddenly, the sky is dark. The moon with a few stars little bit of the stars smile to climb up, so bright ah!

  Of course, the most beautiful or snow! Winter snow, like a white elf, gently fly to the world. They turned the world into silver and white. Distant, houses, trees are white, like a crystal world. That snowflakes are so beautiful, so light, as if a good dancer. They jumped, jumped, the tree turned white; jumped, jumped, the house turned white. I love this snow! I love this great dancer!

  Winter is beautiful and happy. And, for the spring made a contribution, so I love this winter, I love this winter scenery!


  Winter, accompanied by roar of the cold wind, quietly came.

  On the road, pedestrians are few, we all wrapped themselves tightly, in the biting cold in the hurry through. Only the roadside that bare tree greet the north of the whistling, enjoy the swing.

  Field, the vitality of the green grass of the grass, can not afford the destruction of the frost, are low head - withered. There was a khaki in the field, and there was only the cucumber and the scarecrow who scared off the sparrow there, standing alone.

  Small river, has formed a thick layer of ice, is so transparent, so crystal, like a crystal. Nature The great sculptor engraves many enchanting ice on the crystal clear ice. These contests and bustling ice, so that people will be a favorite of love, and some like proud of frosting snow plum, and some like slim lotus, and some like a flower in the gentleman - orchids, and some are like a Flowers Chaofeng map, in the middle there is only the beautiful Phoenix. That ice is so hard, even if you use a big brick to smash, presumably it does not help.

  Ah, look fast, snow it! White flawless snowflakes like catkins, have numerous for us to hang up the vast sky through the snow curtain. Through the jitter of the snow looked away, that distant trees house, vague, as if in the fog, like in the clouds, it is particularly good looking.