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  My father looks tall and handsome, water chestnut facial features, black hair, looks like my father is not, like my brother. That he is like my brother is also true, because he is like me very greedy snacks, but also often grab me snack to eat.

  Once, I told him to go to the mall to buy snacks, came back after he immediately rushed to pretend to quickly explode the snack bag, I am not far behind. We grabbed very intense, the bag was crushed, but also put the potato chips are full of land, the results were mother cursed meal. We had to clean the ground to eat.

  My father is very greedy snacks, but it is definitely a responsible good father, every day regardless of the wind and rain he is on time to send me to school, school. And asked me very strict, whether it is in the habit of living or learning. I remember once, to participate in my sister's birthday party, very late to go home, feeling tired and sleepy, they fell on the bed was trying to sleep. "I'm sleepy, do I pray twice tomorrow?" Dad said firmly: "No, go!" I had to execute the order. The And once again, my math works because of my carelessness of 50 points, he put my homework tore, said: "The subject down and re-do!" I begged: "I will do, do not Really do it? "But my father is still very firm to say:" No! "I obediently done again.

  Look, this is my father - a childish and responsible father!


  People often say: "Father loves mountains, maternal love like the sea." The children wrapped in this sweet love, is always the most happy.

  We are a family of four, my mother for us to do housework, my father work outside, my brother and I study at school. At six o'clock, it was time for the whole family to come and go. Is our leisure, entertainment, open family meeting time. The masters of our party are "pistachio".

  "Pistachio" is the most popular program is rope skipping. "Pistachio" skipping, like jumping, he jumped for a while, while his feet jump, one will be jumping, while jumping. This lovely action, plus his clown hat, directly gives a sense of laughter. Every time the "pistachio" skipping, we are laughing, learning and work on the trouble has long forgotten the clouds out of the clouds. Forget to introduce to you, my family's pistachio is - father.

  This summer, my father said to help me buy a bike. We in the bike store left to choose right, and finally, I fancy a red car, but I aim at the price, not only surprised. 500 yuan, too expensive. I can not wait to see my father, my father seems to understand what I mean. He bite the bullet to help me buy this 500 yuan car.

  My dear daddy! You make our life colorful. Although sometimes you will thunder, rain. But we are not angry.

  My dad, you love me and love our whole family.


  My dad is an ordinary cable worker, he is running out every day. In the summer, Daddy's skin was as dark as the Africans.

  He is very trustworthy. Once, Mom and Dad took me to visit my grandmother. We just stepped into the grandmother's threshold, my father's phone rang, he picked up the phone to listen to: "Hey, who?" Like a middle-aged man is like: "I am Xiao Li, my house power outages, Please take a quick look at what's going on. "" Well, yes, I'll come right now. "Daddy put his cell phone and was ready to go.

  At this time the sky thunder, and then began to pour down the rain. My mother seeing his father said: "My husband, outside the rain was so big, you do not go, if afraid of him waiting for you, you return to a phone to explain to him the situation is not it?" "Yes, Under such a big rain, you do not go out. You have not come to see me for a long time, how to get it? "Grandma also said so. But my father smiled and shook his head: "No, ah, promised how people can be dishonesty? Moreover, people are not very urgent, it will not be so tight, I can keep the credit ah!" Finished, my father wear raincoat , Riding a battery car, rushed into the rain. I stood at the door watching my father's figure gradually disappeared in the rain, it seems to understand what ... ...

  When my father came back, the whole body was soaked, even the shoes are covered with mud, but his face is full of smile. Dad with their own practical action told me: a person must have integrity, promised someone else's things must be said to do.

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