college decision wonderful environment manage

  especially completely population supply discover

  1.The ____________ of the Earth is growing faster. It is important that we look after the Earth.

  2.When I went to ____________ in New York, Ana and I shared the same room.

  3.It can help to use less fresh water, and it can help to keep the water ____________ unpolluted.

  4.Generally, scientists warn against making predictions or important ____________ based on this questionable theory.

  5.Three years later, a farmer who lived nearby ____________ almost the same circles in one of his fields.

  6.On his way home, he felt the music was so ____________ that he took out $100 and put it on the hat.

  7.The next day Johnny’s father ____________ to tell Babe Ruth about the story of Johnny on the phone.

  8.India is well known for its food, ____________ its hot dishes.

  9.Future kitchens will be ____________ friendly.

  10.To newcomers, it can look like a ____________ foreign language.


  If you want to stand out, there is no shortcut for you but hard work. There was once a poor boy, longing for money so much, running to ask a building contractor (承包商) of a high building,” How could I become as __1__ as you when I grow up?”

  Looking at the boy, the tall and strong-build contractor replied,” I would like to tell you a story first about three workers. The first worker liked holding a tool without doing anything but college decision wonderful environment manage especially completely population supply discover saying that he wanted to be a boss in the future. The second worker always liked complaining(抱怨) about the long-time work and his low salary(工资). The third worker liked doing his work quietly. Several years later, the first worker was __2__ holding his tool in the same place and the second took an excuse of work injury for early retirement (退休). Only the third one became the boss. Do you understand the meaning of this story? Just go to buy a red shirt and work hard.” The little boy was __3__ the suggestion. So he asked the contractor to explain further. __4__ the builders who were working on the scaffold (脚手架), the contractor said to the little boy,” Look at those people! They are all my workers. I can’t remember all their names, and even I have no __5__ of some of them. But if you look carefully, you will notice a man in red __6__ them. I noticed him very early. He seems to be working harder than others. He is always the first one to work every day __7__ the last one to leave. It is exactly his red shirt that makes him stand out of all the workers. Now I am about to ask him to lead the others and I’m sure he will work still harder. Maybe he will soon be my assistant.” “You know, that is also __8__ I got where I am now. I once worked harder than others. However, if I had worn a blue shirt as other workers __9__ at that time, I would not have been noticed by my boss. So I wore a red shirt every day and worked hard. Soon my day __10__ and my boss noticed me and made me the leader of the workers. After I earned enough money, I also became a boss __11__ .’ Success can only be born in action. Working hard is all winners’ __12__ and necessary experience for realizing their dreams in their lives.

  ( )1 A. great B. happy C. rich D. strong

  ( )2. A. also B. only C. just D. still

  ( )3. A. excited about B. unhappy about C. surprised at D. displeased with

  ( )4. A. Looking at B. Talking to C. Pointing to D. Smiling at

  ( )5. A. memory B. impression C. feeling D. idea

  ( )6. A. behind B. beside C. near D. among

  ( )7.A. before B. while C. after D. when

  ( )8.A. how B. when C. why D. what

  ( )9.A.worked B. built C. dressed D. did

  ( )10. A. came B. went C. passed D. flew

  ( )11. A. easily B. finally C. quickly D. immediately

  ( )12.A. shared B. tiring C. preferred D. amazing


  For many years scientists have said that the earth is getting warmer. Now they have found something new-hot cities! In the southern US, they have found that cities become very hot in summer. For example, the city of Atlanta in Georgia has rooftop temperatures of up to 50oC while it is 27℃ in the streets! At night, the outsides of the building stay so hot that the heat of the city causes storms over the city! China also has the same kind of problems. Every year more farmland is used for factories or offices. More housing is needed, too. As people become richer, they buy more cars. Now roads are needed and new car parks are built in the city centers. This all makes the city hotter. It is not easy to change the situation. City planners say that we should plant more trees in the middle of cities. Every new street should have trees on both sides, they say. Trees make the temperature lower, so we should have more trees in our parks and squares. We should also paint our roofs white. If we do this, they do not become so hot. Every roof in a hot and sunny country should have solar(太阳的) roof panels. The electricity from these can be used to run the air conditioners (空调)in the building. People continue to cut down forests around the cities. This makes the problem worse. Cities are growing faster and faster. By the year 2025, four fifths(五分之四) of the world’s population will be living in cities. If we go on like this, there will not be enough farmland to feed everyone in the world. 1.The scientists have found . A. cities become very hot in summer B. Atlanta is the hottest city in America C. there are not as many storms as before D. it is not as hot on the roof as in the street

  2.The way to make the city cooler is to .

  A. plant more trees

  B. try to use air conditioners more

  C. build more parks and squares

  D. paint the roofs of all the white buildings

  3.What will probably happen in the future according to the fourth paragraph(段落)?

  A. Cities won’t grow very fast

  B. We will not have enough food

  C. Most people will move to the countryside

  D. People will plant more trees outside the cities

  4.What is the best title(题目)for the passage?

  A. More Farmland Is Needed

  B. Trees Make Cities Cooler

  C. Cities Are Getting Hotter

  D. Scientists Are Worried About Storms



  1. population 2. college 3. supply 4. decisions 5. discovered

  6. wonderful 7. managed 8. especially 9. environmentally 10. completely


  1~5 CDCCB

  6~10 DBADA

  11~12 BA



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