1. The underlined part in the word “photos” is pronounced as ________ .

  A. /s/ B. /is/ C. /iz/ D. /z/

  2. ---Nancy, how long does it take to fly to Canada?

  ---Sorry, I don’t know. But I can telephone my father to ____it for you.

  A. do B. check C. catch D. find

  3..---Your brother doesn’t get up early, does he?

  --- ____. But he gets up late on weekends.

  A. No, he didn’t B. Yes, he does C. Yes, he did D. No, he doesn’t

  4. --- Your grandparents were very great.

  --- Yes. They supported my father’s schooling ____ they were very poor.

  A. as if B. even though C. so that D. what if

  5. Don't worry. You ______ plenty of time to decide.

  A. will be given B. have given C. will give D. are giving

  6. —My house is very near a busy street. —It ________ be very quiet.

  A. can B. must C. mustn't D. can’t

  7. ---Whom would you like to be your assistant, Jack or David?

  ---If I had to choose, David would be ____choice.

  A. good B. better C. the better D. the best

  8. --- A new baby came to the earth ______ a sunny winter morning.

  --- How nice.

  A. on B. in C. of D. at

  9. —Do you know ________ the soldiers came to Yingshi Town?

  —The roads were badly broken. They had to walk there.

  A. why B. when C. how D. where

  10. ---Who is the girl ______ is reading a book quietly in the classroom?

  ---Oh! It’s Maria, my new classmate.

  A. what B. who C.whose D. which

  11. ---What a hot day! Have you had a drink?

  ---Yes. But I’d like to have _____ after work.

  A. it B. one C. other D. another

  12. ---What should I do, doctor?

  ---_____healthy, you should take more exercise.

  A. Keep B. Keeping C. To keep D. Having kept

  13. —When will Han Han’s new book ________?

  —Sorry, I don't know. I’m looking forward to his new book, too.

  A. come on B. come out C. come in D. come over

  14. I saw Lisa in the street yesterday, but she didn't see me. She ______ the other way.

  A. was looking B. is looking C. looked D. has looked

  15. ---We had a football match with No. 15 Middle School yesterday.

  ---______. I missed it.

  A. What a pity! B. I’m afraid. C.I don’t think so. D. I’m sorry to hear that.


  On the afternoon of March 11th, 2011, Japan, Daniel was washing the dishes in the kitchen as usual. Jenny , his wife, was folding the clothes and listening to music in the bedroom.___16___ , he felt that his body was shaking. Daniel had the quick response that there was an earthquake! He ___17__ loudly, “Dear, earthquake! Go to the bathroom!”Jenny heard the shouting ,___18___ the first aid box quickly and ran into the bathroom. The house was __19___ even more strongly.

  The bathroom was next door to the kitchen. Daniel picked up a kitchen __20___ and two pieces of bread outside the kitchen. Daniel tried to run along the wall to help Jenny. ___21____, it got dark suddenly with a loud noise. The house broke down and many things fell from above. Jenny was quickly buried in them. She felt breathing very___22___. She tried to stand up but it was ____23___.

  A few minutes later, the land was ____24__. Jenny heard the sound of a short breath and thought it was Daniel! She shouted to him but there was no _ 25___. The voice was probably weak. Jenny kept saying his name and she finally heard an answer. The couple _26___ and calmed each other. They knew that there must be a way to ___27___.

  Denial ____28__ they were close and were parted by the fallen stones and some power. He started to dig with the kitchen knife. He felt pain from his fingers. Finally , he _ _29_ _ away the last piece of large stones. Daniel touched Jenny’s hand, and then dug all the stones around her body.____30___, Jenny had a normal breath slowly.

  16. A. Suddenly B. Unluckily C. Really D. Actually

  17. A. spoke B. said C. warned D. shouted

  18. A. took up B. put up C. set up D. put away

  19. A. falling B. burning C. shaking D. moving

  20. A. bowl B. knife C. fork D. plate

  21. A. However B. Otherwise C. Besides D. Therefore

  22. A. easy B. natural C. simple D. difficult

  23. A. possible B. necessary C. impossible D. special

  24. A. silent B. noisy C. usual D. strange

  25. A. answer B.sign C. talk D. result

  26. A. forced B. encouraged C. suggested D. thought

  27. A. relax B. communicate C. succeed D. escape

  28. A. found B. worried C. considered D. imagined

  29. A. put B. moved C. gave D. got

  30. A. Finally B. Firstly C. Quickly D. usually



  Lisa never had the chance to know her father. He and her mother divorced when she was just a young child. Even though he didn’t move far, he never came to visit his children.

  Lisa often wondered about her father. What did he looked like and what he was doing. All she knew was his name: Jeff White.

  After Lisa grew up, she became a nurse at a hospital, where she would help provide medicine and comfort for patients in their final days. A few weeks ago, she received a new patient whose name was Jeff White.

  When Jeff came into his room, Lisa asked him if he had any children. Jeff told her that he had two daughters, Lisa and Elly. Lisa couldn’t hold her tears back. She told him, “ I am Lisa, your daughter.”

  Jeff embraced her, saying that he was not a good father. And the daughter held his hand and kissed him. Then Jeff began to sing This Magic Moment.

  Jeff could have just weeks left to live, so Lisa wanted to make the most of the time she had with him. Lisa also brought her kids to the hospital to meet their grandfather. The kid made cards for him with the words, “ I love you.”

  Forgiveness is also a kind of love.

  31. what happened to Lisa when she was young?

  A. Her father lost his job. B. Her mother died.

  C. Her family moved to another country. D. Her father left the family.

  32. What did Lisa know about her father?

  A. Her father’s looks B. Her father’s name

  C. Her father’s hobby D. Her father’s job

  33.What does the underlined word “patient” mean in this passage?

  A. 医生 B. 病人 C. 家属 D. 手术

  34.From the passage we know that__________

  A. Lisa has a brother. B. Lisa hates his father.

  C. Lisa has a sister. D. Lisa’s father hates her daughter.

  35. This passage mainly tells us that _______

  A. Kids should love their father. B. The father should love his kids.

  C. Forgiveness is also a kind of love. D. Fathers shouldn’t leave their families.


  New York is one of the last large American cities to have some of its policemen on horseback. The New York police have 170 horses working in certain parts of the city. The horses are expensive to feed, but it is even more expensive to look after them. Because the horses must walk on the streets, they need special horseshoes. In fact , they need more than 8,000 of them each year. Every police horse in New York gets new shoes every month. Keeping these shoes in good repair is the job of six blacksmiths. There are only about thirty-five of these blacksmiths in the whole United States.

  The cost of shoeing a horse is between twenty dollars and thirty-five dollars, and it takes a good blacksmith two or three hours to do the job.

  A blacksmith’s job is not an easy one. He must be able to shape a shoe from a piece of metal and then fit it to the horse’s foot. The blacksmith must bend over all the time when he is fitting the shoe and must hold the weight of the horse’s leg while he works. Clearly, a blacksmith must be very strong. But even more important, he must be able to deal with horses---for before the blacksmith can begin his work, he has to get the horse to lift its leg.

  One of the blacksmiths in New York is James Corbin. He came to the country from Ireland in 1948. He not only makes horseshoes for the police but also works for a group of horse owners near the city. Corbin became interested in blacksmith because his father did it, and, as he puts it, “It’s a good way to make a living.”

  36. According to the reading passage, a blacksmith must be likely a______ man.

  A. clever B. rich C. strong D. lucky

  37. James Corbin became a blacksmith because he__________.

  A. was interested in horses B. was needed by the policemen

  C. drew a picture of the horseshoe D. had to make a living

  38. In the reading passage “to shape a shoe” is to__________.

  A. fit it on the horse’s foot

  B. use it for two or three hours

  C. make the form of a horseshoe from a piece of metal

  D. draw a picture of the shoe

  39. The best title for the passage is “__________”.

  A. Policemen on Horseback B. Blacksmiths and Horseshoeing

  C. James Corbin, a Blacksmith D. Horseshoeing is a Good Way to Make a Living

  40. Which of the following is true?

  A. Only a few large American cities have some policemen on horseback.

  B. New York is the only city in America to have some policemen on horseback.

  C. Policemen on horseback enjoy travelling around the United States.

  D. Policemen on horseback are less expensive than those in cars.


  Sarah Williams went to a boarding school(寄宿学校). Here is one of the letters she wrote to her parents from the school.

  Wentworth Girls’ School


  July 25th

  Dear Mom and Dad,

  I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you. I have been very naughty and the school principal is very angry with me. She is going to write to you. You must come and take me away from here. She does not want me in the school any longer.

  The trouble started last night when I was smoking a cigarette in bed. This is against the rules, of course. We are not supposed to smoke at all. As I was smoking, I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I did not want a teacher to catch me smoking, so I threw the cigarette away. Unfortunately, the cigarette fell into the waste-paper basket, which caught fire. There was a curtain near the waste paper-basket which caught fire, too. Soon the whole room was burning.

  The principal phoned for the fire department. The school is a long way from the town and by the time the fire department arrived, the whole school was in flames(火焰). Many of the girls are in hospital. The principal says that the fire was all my fault and you must pay for the damage. She will send you a bill for about a million dollars.

  I’m very sorry about this.

  Much love,


  P.S.(附言) None of the above is true, but I have failed my exams. I just want you to know how bad things could have been!

  41. Why did Susan write home?

  A. To tell her parents about the fire. B. To ask for a million dollars.

  C. To tell her parents she had failed her exams. D. To tell her parents she had to leave school.

  42. What kind of school did Susan go to?

  A. A boarding school . B. A school in a nearby town.

  C. A very expensive school. D. A school that burnt down.

  43. What did Susan say was the reason the principal was angry with her?

  A. She had failed her exams.

  B. She had been caught smoking in bed.

  C. It was her fault the school had caught fire.

  D. She had not phoned for the fire department in time.

  44. Why did Susan tell her parents about the fire?

  A. To warn(警告)them about what the principal was going to do.

  B. To worry them.

  C. To make them less angry at her real news.

  D. To make them laugh.

  45. How true was the letter before P.S.?

  A. Partly true. B. All true.

  C. Completely untrue. D. The story doesn’t really tell us.


  用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空, 使短文通顺、正确、连贯(每个单词限用一次)。

  Maria used to wake you up on Sunday morning when you wanted to stay in bed, but now you will feel strange ___51___ she gets up before lunch. She used to be quiet, but now she talks all the time __52____ not to you. You Alice might spend hours __53____ the phone or in the bathroom now. At the same time George next door has become quiet and dirty. He used to be very ___54__. Now a very simple conversation with him becomes very difficult. You have gone from ____55___ to the most embarrassed adults in the world. Your child has become a teenager!

  What makes adolescence(青春期) so difficult? Physical and emotional(情感的) changes are the reasons that _56____them to change so much. When they are young , children live in a safe and simple land called “childhood”. Parents ___57__ their lives. As children get ____58___, however , they learn about another land ----a(an) ____59___land, called “adulthood”. Sooner or later their hormones change ____60___. Adolescence, then, is the trip from childhood to adulthood. Some find the trip quite easy. For others, it’s very difficult.

  六、单词拼写(共10小题, 计10分)


  61. “Please help y_____ to some chicken,” Mrs Smith said to her friends

  62. We need to p________ more so as to improve our spoken English.

  63. Finally, the b_______ boy won the first prize though he can’t see anything.

  64. T______ is the second day of the week.

  65. We won’t put off the sports meeting u_____ it rains heavily tomorrow.

  66. The cake you bought last week t______ terrible.

  67. E____ a balanced diet is a good way to keep fit.

  68. We all believe that there will be l_____ pollution in 2020

  69. “Sorry, may I beg your pardon? I can’t hear your words c_______.”

  70. “Thanks , mom. This is the best gift I have ever r________.

  七、 书面表达 (共20分)

  2010学年开学的第一天,光明中学向学生家长下发了一份《关于禁止学生在校园内使用手机的规定》:周一至周五7:30-16:30,禁止学生在校园内使用手机,手机必须处于关机状态;如遇特殊情况,须得到老师同意方可使用,用毕立即关机。这一消息立刻被各大网站转载报道,网友们就这一事件也纷纷表达了自己的观点,有人赞同,有人反对,你的观点是什么?现在请你以“Should students use mobile phones?”为题,参照表内提供的信息,写一篇英语短文。

  Should students use mobile phones?

  Cons Pros Your ideas:

  1.keep in touch with parents and friends easily

  2.listen to music after class 1. be bad for study

  2. increase the parents’ economic burden (经济负担) 




  注意: 1 开头部分已写好,你只需接着写。

  2 所写内容必须包括表格中的想法和理由,自己的观点及至少三个理由。

  3 词数:80-100,文章的开头不计入总词数。

  Should students use mobile phones?

  Recently there has been a discussion among the people on the Internet about “Can students use mobile phones?” ____________________________________________________________

  ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

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