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  假期是最开心的时候,可以出去游玩,不用上课不用上班,即将迎来的假期,你打算做什么呢?来看看小编为大家收集的my vacation英语作文吧!欢迎阅读!

  my vacation英语作文

  This summer , I had a really good time.What did I do? Let me tell you.

  I went to ... for vacation.The weather there is fine. And I visited ... . I had some speicial food there. They were delicious.I took a lot of photos and bought a lot of souvenirs for my classmates.

  When I was there , I learned a lot of Chinese history and I knew some interesting stories. I like this city.If I have time ,I may go there again.

  I did some housework this vacation.I thought it was good for my parents.And I can learn a lot from it.

  I also played some sports.I like basketball ,swimming and playing badminton.

  Wow!My vacation was so colorful.







  My holiday 我的假期

  My holiday was good. I stayed at home for sometime. I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games. But one day, my monther, my younger brother and I went to Tianyi digital square to buy games. And I bought a new uniform in the evening. I'd like to have a glass of apple juice my monther bought it for me. I says, " Thanks a lot. " I bought some shoes. I want a pair of sports shoes. In the shop, the wonderful song added tour pleasure. I see the black shoes. my monther says, " There are beautiful !"

  I was happy that day, because I went to Tianyi Square and had a lot of fum.



  my vacation英语作文

  What did you do this summer vacation

  I had a busy and interesting summer vacation. I did my homework every day so I finished doing my homework ten days before the new term. I also played table tennis and basketball with my friends every day. I sometimes went to movies and went to the parks with my friends. I surfed the internet, read books and watched TV every evening. I visited my grandparents and helped them with the housework, too. I helped my parents clean the room and cook meals. The most important was that my parents and I went to Hannan Island and spent a week there. I really had a happy summer vacation.

  假期生活 Holiday life

  I'm glad to have received your letter. Our holiday life has changed a lot. Learning and relaxing are still very important to us. Besides, we often help our parents do housework or farm work. Through that, we realise how hard our parents work every day. And we can make a habit of laboring at the same time. Also, we take an active part in social activities as volunteers. Sometimes, we go to the streets to collect rubbish or go to the hospital to cheer up the sick children. We try our best to help people in need and make our hometown more beautiful. We find great pleasure in all these activities. Best wishes ! Yours. Li Ming


  The Place I Want to Go To 我想去的地方

  My summer holiday is coming soon, I start to make some plans about my vacation. I go to travel every year, this time, I want to travel to Tibet, it is the place I always want to go to. I have heard about Tibet many times, my mother’s friends tell me so many wonderful things in it, so I want to go to Tibet. This summer I will go to Tibet.


  my vacation英语作文

  What are you going to do this summer vacation

  I will have a busy summer vacation. I am going to do my homework every day so that I can finish my homework on time . I am going to the library to borrow some books and go to the shops to buy some books.I am going to do sports such as playing table tennis, swimming and so on. I am going to visit my grandparents and stay there for a week. I am going to help my parents do some housework because they are busy with their work every day. I am going to learn how to play tennis and I am going to take an English course so that I can make progress in English. Of course I am going to visit Shanghai to see the expo. I am sure I will have a fantastic summer vacation.

  我的暑假My Summer Holiday

  My summer holiday begun on July 7th.I love summer holiday because I don't have to go to school and I can enjoy myself with my friends.I oftenspend themorningsdoing my homework.And I always watch TV in the afternoon at homebecause it's very hot outside.And in the evening,I go swimming with my family and thenhang out with my friends.I love swimming very much.


  My plan for August is travelling.I travel with my family every summer holiday.I like travelling because I can go to different places and meet different people.SometimesI make good friends during the journey.And it's very sad to say goodbye to them when the journey ends.


  Wonderful life in winter holiday 寒假里的美好生活

  From the sixteenth of January to the seventh of February is our Winter Holiday. I think everybody did a lot of things in the Winter Holiday. But I didn’t. Let you to listen to my story of Winter Holiday.

  I spend a lot of time on the homework.. Every day in my Winter Holiday, I always got up late. then I listened to the tape, it was nine o’clock. then I ate breakfast and then I did my homework during the daytime! I’m not very slow but the homework was too heavy!

  I’m unlucky on the playing too. I played firecracker but I hurt my finger with the fire. I ‘m careless to kindle the firecracker, so I’m very unlucky.

  I still unlucky on my friend’s party. In the morning, I wanted to get up early but I woke up at 10:50. After ten minutes, the party would start! So I only eat a piece of bread then I go to my friend’s home! And I stay at his home for a long time when I came home. My mother and father were very angry and they scolded me!

  I’m worried and feel unlucky on my weigh. Last term, I was 48 kilogram but now I am 51 kilogram! I must lose my weigh!

  But most important, I have gone to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, I want to go there very much because I want to see the horse, the monkey……in the sea. Now I’ve done it . It is a bright dot in my Winter Holiday.


  我花了很多时间在做作业. .每天在我的寒假,我总是起床晚了。然后我听录音,这是9点钟。然后我吃早餐,然后我做我的家庭作业在白天!我不是非常缓慢但作业太重了!





  暑期难忘的一件事An unforgettable thing In the summer vacation

  It was a sunny day today,when i got up in the morning,i decided to see my grandparents.so i took the bus and got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too.

  In the afternoon,my farther asked me to help him water the plant,and i was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind.

  In a word,today is a unforgetive day.because i saw my relatives and helped people.




  我的暑假英语作文my vacation

  In my vacation,I went to my aunt's house.I miss her really much and I was so excited to see her.I had a lot of fun with my aunt,she taught me how to cook.It was kind hot where my aunt lives,so I stayed at her house for the most of the time.I had so much fun,can't wait to visit her again!



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