hello everyone!

  tomorrow is the "61" international children's day. 55 years ago, women's international democratic federation for the protection of children all over the world the power of survival, health authority and the power of education, in november 1949 held in moscow, the general assembly decided on june 1 each year for the international children's day. december 23, 1949, the chinese government also provides for the june 1 children. thus, the children all over the world have a holiday of their own - "61" international children's day. i, on behalf of school to all classmates extend holiday greetings to wish everyone a happy holiday!

  i also take this opportunity to all the teachers to express my heartfelt thanks and highest respect. you is not only a respected teacher, it is hard gardener. love your school such as home, such as sub-love-sheng; diligent, hard working; teaching, and selfless devotion. you created a beautiful environment, you create a good quality, for your school's development and take-off to create a good foundation and conditions.

  students, "61" are you the most happy holiday, "61" is also our most happy day. since:

  you are the baby home, it is the hope of home. happiness can you grow up on the home is full of singing and laughing. school are your children, it is hoped that the school. you can develop a comprehensive, schools full of vigor and vitality. you are the future of society, it is the community's aspirations. you can a harmonious development of society on the passion and affection. you are the flowers of the motherland, it is the hope of the motherland. you can grow up healthy and strong, full of beautiful homeland and hope. i hope the students: civilization, learning, autonomy and cooperation. study institute, institute of living, learning life, learning to create. as rich as an adult sense of responsibility, rich sense of mission, a dignified life, is serious about doing things, happily studying,growth. loving the motherland, love the party, love the people, love nature, love life, love science, love learning, love of labor. cherish life, cherish the time cherish friendship, cherish learning and development opportunities. show concern for the environment, concerned about the collective, caring for others. dear teachers, classmates united, courtesy others;

  distinguish between right and wrong, identify the beauty and ugliness, man of integrity. make an ideal vision, conduct a dignified, learning good physical and mental health of the successors of the communist cause.

  i hope teachers: dedication, love of health, rigorous, inquiring. comprehensively implement the party's education policy, teaching, the five domains simultaneously. firmly establish a sense of service, quality awareness and quality consciousness. for every student,cherish every educational opportunities, better in each class, doing everything to promote the health of every student, harmonious, comprehensive development. of life for students lay a solid foundation for development.

  let us work together to put xitang primary school into the satisfaction of the people work hard.

  finally, i wish the students a happy holiday!


  flowers in full bloom in this, green grass of early summer, we have ushered in a grand festival of children - june 1 international children‘s day, i am very honored to share with the children together in this beautiful holiday. on that occasion, i would like to let me to all children, young pioneers holiday to extend my sincere regards to the hard work, dedicated gardener to cultivate the flowers of the motherland who pay tribute! soon to be here today in recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals express warm congratulations!

  pioneers, the children, we are now in a hopeful new era of challenges, you are lucky enough to live in a state of concern about the survival of students, teachers and students in the pursuit of maximum growth to meet the needs of schools; so one “give students the best childhood, most give a solid start in life “as the core concept of school, portrait of creating” education “brand school; an” education and scientific research as the guide to the experimental school in english at the core characteristics yucai school to serve the community for the meaning of new schools “; so one’s own ideas and practice, practice, together with the parents,” our children, our schools, our joint efforts, “the slogan of the school co-operation of schools, the school environment of your grace, your skilled teachers , school of your high-quality education and teaching has been very successful, you just give your school school award is fully endorsed.

  pioneers, the children, you are lucky generation, the generation is shouldering the burden. there is an old statement: journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. youth are the beginning of a better life, clarity of vision, bred here, noble sentiments here at initiation, the habits of good form here, life here at the foundation of the glory and prosperity at the bright future of our calls. we must strive to improve their own quality of life in the new starting point, the momentum to become the new century, the need for construction of the homeland of the wood-dong liang. at the same time, teachers also hope that our附小his utmost to achieve a greater honor.



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